Hacking Real Estate Podcast

When life’s unexpected twists lead to remarkable transformations, it’s a tale worth telling. Brie Schmidt’s pivot from a corporate career to real estate investing after a family tragedy is just such a story. Our latest episode takes you on her inspirational journey, from buying what she thought would be her forever home to creating a property empire across Chicago and Milwaukee. Discover how Brie harnessed the power of an online community to fuel her growth in the industry and the pivotal role education played in her success.

Navigating the complex world of real estate portfolio management is no small feat. Dive into Brie’s analytical prowess as she shares her approach to evaluating property performance, the tough decisions surrounding asset liquidation, and the intricacies of managing C-class properties. Understand how economic downturns vary by location and the strategic considerations that dictate whether to reinvest or cash out. If you’re wrestling with the challenge of opportunity zones versus 1031 exchanges, Brie’s insights are invaluable.

Selecting a real estate agent with a genuine grasp of investment properties can be the difference between success and a cautionary tale. We peel back the layers of this crucial decision-making process with Brie, discussing what to look for and where to find the expertise you need. She also imparts wisdom on empowering clients through education in market analysis and property valuation, ensuring they’re equipped to make informed decisions. For newcomers to real estate investment, brie leaves you with golden nuggets on building confidence, avoiding analysis paralysis, and why making a modest start is your ticket to future wins. Join us for an episode brimming with actionable advice and real-world wisdom.



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