8 Real Estate Investments That Could Fund Your Early Retirement Dreams

“If you want to use real estate to supplement your income in retirement, the best way is to buy rental properties with a buy-and-hold strategy,” said Brie Schmidt, owner and managing broker at Second City Real Estate. “You purchase a property to rent it out and collect a monthly profit. These investments can be self-managed or managed by a professional property management company.”

If you’re early in your career and want to ensure that you don’t work until you’re 65, you can start investing in real estate to build a portfolio that will allow you to replace your income from your full-time job.

“This is the slow, boring way to wealth accumulation,” noted Schmidt. “You can purchase rental properties in either your local or out-of-state markets. If done properly, the tenants will pay down the mortgage, and you will receive monthly cash flow that can be added to the monthly loan balance to accelerate the payoff.”

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