3 Apps to Supercharge Your Productivity as a Real Estate Investor

In the real estate world, technology can take an investor from the middle of the road for sales to the top of the podium. Here are 3 apps to use to supercharge your productivity and simplify your life.

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant

This app is the ultimate digital assistant. It is fully customizable so once you tell it what you want it to do, those functions will become automatic. For example, EasilyDo will add new contacts to your address book, send alerts to your appointments when you’re going to be late, and send you tracking updates for packages in transit. It is ideal if you want to free up your time from doing petty tasks and keep organized.

2. Captio

When you’re on the go and don’t always have access to pen and paper, Captio is a fantastic solution. Simply open the app, type out some notes, and press send. Captio forwards this message to your email so you can access it anytime. The notes feature works well if you want to record ideas about homes you’re seeing or updates on your business plan. You won’t forget anything!

3. Redfin Real Estate

What a spectacular home search app! It’s a cinch to use and has clear graphics. Plus, it enables you to stand in a spot and see what’s for sale in the local area around you. You can also search the Redfin Real Estate App for properties of certain price ranges or by keywords. New homes show up within minutes of listing on MLS.

Try out one or all three of these productivity apps that help any real estate investor become more productive and stay on task throughout the year.

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