I came across Brie on BiggerPockets in 2016 and started listening to her podcasts. When I was ready to start looking for my first multi family I was lucky enough to have her take me on as a client. This woman literally knows EVERYTHING about the Chicago market. She is not only a wealth of knowledge but has the patience of a saint. I knew buying a place would be stressful, and if I didn’t have her help every step of the way I probably would have thrown in the towel and bought a condo. She’s extremely quick to respond despite being extremely busy and in demand, and her help truly does not end after you close. I don’t quite know how she does it all, but I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and will be searching for my next multi family through her as well. – Catherine M

After 1 year, 50 showings, 10 offers, 3 offers over list, I FINALLY went under contract on a GRAND SLAM property in Jefferson Park. This was a vacant property 4 unit property with a bonus 5th unit. With all 5 units the Monthly Rent was at $6,500 a month on a $500K property. Finding a rehabbed building over the 1% rule is impossible in Chicago. We ended up starting an Airbnb business in this building which made my revenues go more then $11K a month. This is all thanks to Brie. Without her getting me into this none of it would happen. I cant thank her enough for it. I learned so much with her about the Chicago market and she is a complete expert in her trade. She is honest, reliable, and takes initiative. When anyone asks me how do I get into real estate investing, I always have a quick response and say… Talk to Brie. – Syed L

Brie was absolutely essential to have on my team as I went through the process of buying my first property. She’s knowledgeable, proactive, and to-the-point, and her wealth of first-hand experience truly distinguishes her from the traditional real estate agent. I would happily work with Brie in the future and would easily recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. – Kevin H

I had a wonderful experience working with Brie on my first multi-family unit purchase. Very knowledgeable and thorough, she was there with me every step of the way. She answered all my questions and provided great insight into being a landlord and managing tenants, which I had no prior information on. She also negotiated well on my behalf, and made sure my needs were met, and got the best deal for me. Her relationship didn’t end when the sale was complete. She continues to be my advocate and mentor to me, guiding me through issues as they arise. I highly recommend working with Brie, as she is professional and smart and truly can get the job done. Looking forward to work with her again on my next deal. – Afsha R

While Brie is an investor and broker, I think she is an educator first and foremost. In working with my wife and me, we learned so much from our first call all the way through every property we analyzed. Brie taught us about criteria, comps, property analysis and supplied us with tools to learn on our own. Our criteria was very challenging and Brie never gave up on us, consistently leading us to possibilities and never ever leading us to make hasty, bad decisions. Bottom line – she cares. And that’s what has made her successful. If you want to learn and be successful yourself, Brie’s the one to connect with right away! – Andrew L

Brie is a well-seasoned real estate veteran who is a master of her craft. She has the strongest can-do attitude I have found in a residential broker. As both a client, and as a counterpart working in the real estate industry, I have found Brie to be extremely skilled in creative problem solving, seller/buyer communication, and a having careful eye that is constantly working to protect who she’s representing. She is simply excellent at tenant representation and the ‘go above and beyond’ attitude she exudes its easily recognized by her clients and colleagues. – Julian S

My wife and I worked with Brie when purchasing our first multi-unit rental property. Before meeting Brie, we were always interested in investing in real estate but didn’t know where to start. Brie was a great partner throughout the process – her passion and expertise came through in every interaction and ultimately helped provide us with direction, knowledge and confidence in our decisions. Brie continues to stay in touch after the sale and has helped guide us through a few tricky situations (e.g. tough tenants, contractors, and repairs). We couldn’t have asked for more from Brie and would recommend her to any friend looking to consider investment real estate. – Ross M

I worked with Brie on finding, purchasing and a multi unit property in Chicago to rehab and rent out. Not only was it my first home purchase but first investment property as well. From the wry beginning she went above and beyond not only helping with the search and answering any of my many questions along the way, but also providing financial analysis guidance prior to the purchase so I could be an educated and well informed buyer / investor. I wouldn’t work with anyone else in the Chicagoland area if the opportunity comes to buy another multi-unit property. She’s been a huge help and resource well after the transaction was finished and a typical agent or broker would be done offering their help. – Andy P

I can’t share enough praise for John. He recently represented me on a 12-unit deal in Melrose Park, IL and was incredibly helpful throughout the process. Of greatest help were his trusted network of inspectors, contractors, lawyers and other team members that he offered readily to ensure everything went smoothly. I’ve never worked with an agent or broker who provided the level of care and service that John did. He was actively involved behind the scenes to keep the deal moving, and provided sage guidance during many of the negotiations. He acted as if my success was his own, which is uncommon and refreshing. If you’re looking for a consummate professional who thoroughly understands how to support investors, John’s your guy. Whether experienced or new, John is an incredible asset and the ideal agent to have on your team. – Robert M

I would highly recommend working with Brie. She was my agent on my first real estate investment, and I had a great experience. I closed on my first owner-occupancy (house hack) deal in August 2016. Being a rookie with a full-time job, Brie thoroughly explained and advised on nearly every step of the process and I felt very comfortable making the decision I did. She advised on questions I had about properties from her own deep experience, and pulled in a team that she regularly works with where appropriate for support. After we closed, she remains in contact for questions and support, which is greatly appreciated and helpful. I hope to purchase another investment property in the near future and will definitely turn to Brie for guidance. – Charlie S

I found Brie on Bigger Pockets after knowing I wanted to start investing in real estate but wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I needed to find the right agent who was used to helping investors and I definitely came to the right person with Brie. Like others have mentioned, one of the greatest benefits you get from Brie is her honesty. Many people have the knowledge about investing, but they may be looking out for themselves and aren’t always looking out for your interests. Brie was the exact opposite. She knew everything about the industry but also supplied you with that information in order for you to know exactly what decisions you were making and be as informed as possible. Another huge benefit of working with Brie is that she goes above and beyond what her job description is of being a real estate agent for her clients. She doesn’t just help you purchase a property and then leave you fumbling as you start this new “job” as a landlord. She was there for every call, every text, every email and saved me a huge amount of time if I had to figure out this new landlord position myself. She has not led me wrong and always been a champion of my success in this new endeavor. If you’re interested in purchasing a property to get started in multi-family real estate investing, do yourself a favor and contact Brie. It can seem like a scary process, but Brie will help you over every hurdle along the way. – Martine D

I found Brie on the Bigger Pockets forum and BP Podcast episodes and wanted to work with her as she is an absolute expert in this industry. Brie and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and are eager to help you get started. Unlike other agents, Brie is completely honest and won’t just tell you what you want to hear. She is brutally honest and will give you all the information you need on a property to make a good decision. Along with Brie, her team Ronan and Charlie are reflections of her. I worked with Ronan to settle my first multiunit property and couldn’t be happier with the support Ronan has given me. Still today he continues to reach out to make sure everything is going well, and if I have questions about anything. I’m grateful to have worked with Second City for my first multifamily unit, and they will be the only brokerage I buy from as I continue to grow my portfolio! – Brian B

We contacted Brie after hearing her podcast and she has been phenomenal to work with. Incredibly responsive, aggressive about getting appointments, but not pushy on merely making a sale. She is full of solid advice and we found her to be super helpful. She really works with you as a team, and we look forward to working with her more! – Alex N

My husband and I worked with Brie in purchasing our first multi-unit property in Chicago. Brie blew us away with her knowledge, passion and expertise. From taxes, to tuck-pointing we learned so much! We are very lucky to have had her help with our first home/income property. We’ll continue to recommend her to any of our friends looking to get into real estate investing. What a great experience!! – Rachelle R

My wife and I have really enjoyed working with Brie over the last 2 years. We’ve bought 2 properties and sold 1 with Brie in this time. Brie is incredibly knowledgeable, respectful and courteous with all of her clients. The thing that sets Brie apart from other Realtors is her ability to lay out all the details in front of you without without pressuring you into a property that may not be a good fit. My wife and I are very excited to continue working with Brie in the near future and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a property. – Ryan C

Brie is exceptional at analyzing and providing constructive, as well as market relevant, feedback for each multi-family 2-4 flat during our search throughout the Chicago market. Beyond the analysis, she’s proven to be an invaluable resource, adviser, and ‘sounding board’ for each phase of my Real Estate investing career. I can’t recommend her enough. – Jacques C

Having heard Brie tell her story on Bigger Pockets podcast #78, I felt that I had found someone who could guide me to achieve my goals. Brie’s story was proof that my goal of “retiring” young and wealthy through real estate was achievable. In August, 2014, I connected with her on BP, met her in person at her Investor MeetUp, and quickly identified that she was the one who was capable of helping me find the right house hacking investment. Fortunately, she was willing and we got to work. A few days after meeting her, I had a spreadsheet in my inbox with multifamily properties with asking prices, current rents, market rents, and current & market rent 2% rule ratios. Astute at cash flow analysis from personal experience, she not only aggregated the data but screened properties prior to sharing with me. This saved a ton of time and streamlined evaluations since properties presented had a reasonable expectation of positive cash flow. It was still up to me to do my diligence, but Brie trained me on how to determine market rents, how to estimate operating expenses, some repair costs, and how to evaluate cap rates in the North Side of Chicago. This wasn’t just a building for me to live in, it was for both me and my then fiancé. As such, the process of finding the right combination of location, quality, safety, and cash flow potential made for a grueling shopping process. We ended up under contract four times, the first three of which were fraught with black mold infestations, major renovation projects, and dishonest and belligerent sellers (one got in a shouting match confrontation with my inspector!). Through many weekend viewings, phone conversations, text messages, and late night email exchanges, Brie guided me, kept me grounded, and focused on the investment objective. I picked Brie not only because she has walked the very path I wish to journey, but because her primary income is sourced from her multifamily portfolio and she wouldn’t rely on commission from my purchase to survive. Indeed, she was patient and steadfast that I find the right fit; even cautioning me regarding some ambitious undertakings. We walked through over fifty three and four flat buildings (~175 units) in seven months before finding the building I ultimately closed on and in which my fiance and I now live for free and cash flow positive! Mission accomplished – with lots of credit to Brie Schmidt. Even after closing, Brie has been there for me as a sounding board for maintenance decisions, tenant screening, tenant management, and beyond. She exceeds the duties of a mere broker, generously making herself available for help, sharing knowledge, and serving as a mentor. I’m grateful for having found a sharp, professional RE investor to learn from and grow with as I strive toward retiring young and wealthy. – Danny D

Brie was dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient in helping my husband and I purchase our first investment property. She scheduled showings for us and taught us more things at each showing than we could have read in 10 books combined. She wouldn’t let us settle until we found the right property (even when we wanted to throw in the towel!). A few months after beginning our search, we finally found a completely renovated 3 unit building in Albany Park. By adding additional bedrooms to the basement unit, we increased the value and rents for the building. While living on the second floor, our mortgage is covered! When we move out, we will be making around $2,000 a month. Brie sent us all of the documents she uses for rental properties (leases, sample ads, applications, etc.) and continues to stay in touch. With Brie’s help, we consider this a slam dunk. I highly recommend working with Brie! – Brandy W

If you are looking for a realtor who can help provide knowledge and depth into the world of Real Estate investing in Chicago, Brie is one of the best. She provided a no pressure environment while searching for my first property. Brie understands that this is a large purchase, but also wants to make sure it is the right purchase for you. Not just location and property type, but that the numbers will work. She took the time to explain the process and answer numerous questions throughout the search. I still ask her questions even though I have already purchased my property. Her flexible schedule allowed her to do some initial screenings to help ensure my time wasn’t wasted. When I start the process of searching for another property I will use Brie again. -Patrick B

Brie helped me find and purchase my first investment property – a three-flat on the north side of Chicago. She is responsive, determined, and very knowledgeable. Brie is an investor herself, so she knows exactly what investors are looking for, and she knows where investors should be looking in Chicago. She takes a data-driven approach to evaluating properties, which I found immensely helpful as a first-time investor. Simply put, I cannot recommend her enough to someone interested in purchasing a multi-family investment property in Chicago. – Kyle B

I came across Brie here on, and I reached out to her to find a multi-unit property in Chicago. Since then, everything changed in a good way. Brie helped us find our first multiunit home in Chicago. Throughout, Brie was a tremendous resource in every step of the process. Whenever I had a question or an issue she always had an answer. Also, even before I realized something would be an issue, Brie would point it out and provide several options for us to choose from. And I never felt pressure to purchase a property with Brie. We could always rely on Brie to give us an honest and objective opinion on any matter. Even after closing, Brie is continuing to provide advice on how to manage our new property efficiently. Brie is unlike any other real estate agent. She is an investor at heart, and it’s immensely helpful to have another investor who is so knowledgeable on our side when we are looking at these deals. I will be working with Brie on my next investment properties too! – Young C

I found Brie through her Bigger Pockets Podcast episodes and wanted to work with her because of her honesty. She has the other qualities mentioned on this site too like being extremely knowledgable and really responsive with email/phone. But, I think the most rare and valuable thing is someone who will be honest with you and won’t fill your head with B.S. about the garbage deal you have fallen in love with. Similarly, Brie isn’t going to tell you that you can rehab this 4 flat with five grand and your brother-in-law. She’ll give you a good idea of how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how much you will cry if you take this project on. She is a great realtor in a bunch of ways (going above and beyond for her clients, Awesome data driven approach), but I just wanted to highlight something that other people probably won’t talk about as much. I, also, want to add figures on the deal we did with Brie. We bought a place in Logan Square (6 blocks west of the Logan Square Blue Line) for $595,000. It was rehabbed and pretty ready to go. We are living in the first floor and the basement/2nd floor are covering the mortgage. A pretty great deal, in my opinion. I am definitely going to work with Brie when I am ready to buy my next property. – Kevin F

I first met Brie at a Chicago Real Estate Investors Meetup that she co-founded. It was very clear when meeting Brie that she was very passionate about real estate investing and assisting other investors. Brie is very knowledgeable about the real estate market on the North side of Chicago. Brie represented my business partner and me in purchasing 2 multi-family properties on North side of Chicago, as buy and hold strategies. One purchase was an off-market property she found for us and another was a bank owned property. What is really great with Brie is just how responsive she is when you send her questions or need further information on a property. She is very timely in responding to emails and texts. If she doesn’t know an answer to a question, she will let you know such and then find the answer and get back to you! Brie is also proactive in presenting her clients with available properties that meet their criteria. Not only does she provide detailed information about the property and listing, she presents her investor clients with pro-forma financial calculations on the property to assist them in making an offer. If someone I knew was looking for a property or selling a property on the North side of Chicago, I would gladly refer them to Brie and would know they were in good hands. – Michelle S

Brie and her team are top notch when it comes to purchasing a home or investment property. She knows almost all there is about real estate and for things she doesn’t know, she knows someone that does have the answers! Her entire team is super resourceful. If you are buying in Chicagoland area Brie Schmidt and her team are a must stop along your journey! -Mark A

Brie’s great. I can’t really say enough great things about her – she’s willing to go above and beyond what is expected of an agent. She’s resourceful and will help with any question you have. If she doesn’t know she will find out or find someone who does. Brie helped me purchase a 4 flat in 2018 after about 1.5 years of looking. She was able to leverage her connections and find an off market deal. Without her, I’d never have found the place I currently live in. I can’t recommend Brie enough. – Brenden M

Brie is extremely knowledgeable about real estate investment and is eager to share her knowledge with new investors. It is clear that REI is more a passion than a job for Brie, as she is active in the ChicagoREI community and on BiggerPockets. Brie has been proactive in finding answers/solutions when problems came up with our new home purchase and has a large network of contacts that she is more than willing to connect her clients with. It’s been very reassuring working with Brie as I am just getting into the REI market—would definitely recommend her as your realtor if you are looking for investment properties! – Lindsey M

Brie is awesome! I met Brie at one of the local bp meetups and she was such an amazing person. There were tons of questions being asked from her by several people and she never got frustrated all at. She made her way around the room making sure she introduced herself and mingled with everyone that was present. I remember having a couple more questions for her and before the night was even close to ending, she came back to ask me to finish where I had left off at. To this day, she will and has been answering all of my questions whether it’s by phone or email. She has a real passion for real estate as well as making sure everyone else exceeds. Brie rocks!! – Latrice A