N Kimball Ave & W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, USA
Sold, Sold 2016 - 2-4 Unit
  • Sale Price :$505,000
  • Gross Rents:$4,600
  • Cash Flow ( 20% Down Loan ):$1,271
  • Net Rents ( Less Expenses ):$3,291
  • Cap Rate: 7.82%
  • Number of Units: 3
  • Cash Flow (Low Money Down Loan): $652
  • Cash on Cash ( Low Money Down Loan): 30.98%
  • Cash on Cash ( 20% Down Loan ): 15.10%

J & L saw the success their friends had with investing and decided to do it themselves.  We had found a great property, and the day of closing the seller messed up and could not sell it, so we had to start from scratch.  Luckily when we were about to give up hope this perfect property with a huge yard was listed and we moved quickly to lock it up!

“Brie is a well-seasoned real estate veteran who is a master of her craft. She has the strongest can-do attitude I have found in a residential broker. As both a client, and as a counterpart working in the real estate industry, I have found Brie to be extremely skilled in creative problem solving, seller/buyer communication, and a having careful eye that is constantly working to protect who she’s representing. She is simply excellent at tenant representation and the ‘go above and beyond’ attitude she exudes its easily recognized by her clients and colleagues.”


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