N Kimball Ave & W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA
Sold, Sold 2016 - 2-4 Unit
  • Sale Price :$554,000
  • Gross Rents:$4,750
  • Cash Flow ( 20% Down Loan ):$1,314
  • Net Rents ( Less Expenses ):$3,530
  • Cap Rate: 7.64%
  • Number of Units: 3
  • Cash Flow (Low Money Down Loan): $635
  • Cash on Cash ( Low Money Down Loan): 27.50%
  • Cash on Cash ( 20% Down Loan ): 14.23%

A watched her brother work through the process with me and decided to sell her condo and become and investor too! She fell in love with the first house we saw on a double lot with a massive backyard. The seller gave her everything we asked for and we were able to close quickly and smoothly. The property was vacant, so it was a bit harder to rent out in winter but we she got it all leased up quickly and has the checks rolling in.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Brie on my first multi-family unit purchase. Very knowledgeable and thorough, she was there with me every step of the way. She answered all my questions and provided great insight into being a landlord and managing tenants, which I had no prior information on. She also negotiated well on my behalf, and made sure my needs were met, and got the best deal for me. Her relationship didn’t end when the sale was complete. She continues to be my advocate and mentor to me, guiding me through issues as they arise. I highly recommend working with Brie, as she is professional and smart and truly can get the job done. Looking forward to work with her again on my next deal”


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