W Addison St & N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, USA
Sold, Sold 2016 - 2-4 Unit
  • Sale Price :$600,000
  • Gross Rents:$6,750
  • Cash Flow ( 20% Down Loan ):$2,407
  • Net Rents ( Less Expenses ):$4,807
  • Cap Rate: 9.61%
  • Number of Units: 4
  • Cash Flow (Low Money Down Loan): $1,672
  • Cash on Cash ( Low Money Down Loan): 66.88%
  • Cash on Cash ( 20% Down Loan ): 24.07%

R & E approached me looking for an investment property, as they were happy with the condo they were living in.  Because they were never going to live in the property we were able to base everything just on the numbers.  We found this great income producing property with multiple offers and we were able to lock it down.  I literally had to tear a wall down to get the deal closed but we got through it.  All the tenants had leases and after a few bumps they got it up and running after a few months.

“My wife and I worked with Brie when purchasing our first multi-unit rental property. Before meeting Brie, we were always interested in investing in real estate but didn’t know where to start. Brie was a great partner throughout the process – her passion and expertise came through in every interaction and ultimately helped provide us with direction, knowledge and confidence in our decisions. Brie continues to stay in touch after the sale and has helped guide us through a few tricky situations (e.g. tough tenants, contractors, and repairs). We couldn’t have asked for more from Brie and would recommend her to any friend looking to consider investment real estate.”


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