Brie Schmidt

Brie’s upcoming speaking events include: * October 7 – 8th 2017 in Oakland, CA – * February 12th 2018 in Downtown Chicago – * April 20th – 22nd 2018 In Philadelphia, PA – * May 11th – 13th 2018 in Chicago, IL…

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Charlie Shields

Charlie is a Chicago-based buy and hold real estate investor and rehabber ​​focused on growing his portfolio.  He is a Realtor with Second City Real Estate in Chicago, IL and focuses on consulting with investors to increase their net worth and cash flow with real…

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John Warren

I am a licensed real estate broker with Second City Real Estate. As a real estate agent, I focus on helping other investors maximize their profit as they buy or sell their investment properties. My area of expertise is in the near southwest Chicago suburbs…

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Elvira Merlos

Elvira bought her first property in 2015 and works with new investors to add to their portfolio

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