Brie Schmidt

Brie started her career in corporate sales in 2005 and acquired her first investment property in 2011. She continued to work in corporate sales until 2014 when she left the industry to become a full time real estate investor. Brie is the Managing Broker of…

  • Office : 312-392-1650

Charlie Shields

Charlie is a Chicago-based buy and hold real estate investor and rehabber ​​focused on growing his portfolio.  He is a Realtor with Second City Real Estate in Chicago, IL and focuses on consulting with investors to increase their net worth and cash flow with real…

  • Office : 847-350-8006
  • Mobile : 630-209-8514

John Warren

I am a licensed real estate broker with Second City Real Estate. As a real estate agent, I focus on helping other investors maximize their profit as they buy or sell their investment properties. My area of expertise is in the near southwest Chicago suburbs…

  • Mobile : 847-894-2433

Ronan McBrien

Ronan is an investor experienced with 2-20 units properties and mixed use on the South Side of Chicago. Read My Reviews